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Online Positioning Program

Do-It-Yourself Positioning for Creative Firms
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July 20, 2010 at 10:43 am by Blair

If you were to hire me to help you reposition your firm I would walk you through seven steps. 

These seven steps are now captured in an online positioning program that you can do yourself, in seven lessons. 

Lesson One:    Do You Need to Reposition Your Firm?
Lesson Two:    Mistakes to Avoid in Positioning Your Firm
Lesson Three: Choosing a Focus for Your Firm
Lesson Four:   Articulating Your New Claim of Expertise
Lesson Five:    Defending Your Claim
Lesson Six:     Transitioning to Your New Positioning
Lesson Seven: Final Checks and Balances 

The seven lessons are laid out in a lesson plan in the Win Without Pitching Online Learning Center. At the heart of the lesson plan are three webcasts, plus exercises to help navigate the positioning process and other guidance for informing your decisions, checking your work and making your new positioning real. All that’s required is a $395 annual membership to the Online Learning Center. 

If you’d prefer, I can help you navigate this process of positioning your firm through my new Positioning Guidance consulting module that gives you my feedback (email and telephone) during the key steps in an affordable, structured engagement. 

Learn more about the Positioning lesson plan (and others) here.

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