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Most of my thinking on business development for creative firms is published over in the newsletter section. I'm using this area primarily to discuss any upcoming programs or events.

Surviving the Economic Train Wreck | 23 January 2008

The past three or four years have been great ones to be in the creative business. While some firms struggled with increasing competitiveness as the number of firms increased with demand, overall there was a lot of money made. That was then. 

I won't pretend to understand the nuances of how the US sub-prime mortgage market started the current economic downturn, and I certainly won't try to predict how bad things will get or how far this will spread. But let me tell you what I'm seeing today and share some points to consider as you frame your business development efforts for the year.

On Project Work | 14 January 2008

One of the questions I fielded during last week's Talking Money webinar was on project work. I gave a short answer to what is a somewhat nuanced subject, and so promised to answer more fully here. 

What should the mix of project work to agency of record (AOR) -type work be in your firm? Should you be taking project work at all? Is it appropriate to pursue project work as a means to 'get your foot in the door' and then try to widen that crack to include more and more high value strategic work? 

All your questions on project work, answered here...


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