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The Win Without Pitching Blog

Most of my thinking on business development for creative firms is published over in the newsletter section. I'm using this area primarily to discuss any upcoming programs or events.

Process-Framed Case Studies Go Back to School | 6 October 2008

Process-framed case studies (PFCS) are closing tools that frame your case studies in a defined, replicable process. They are powerful tools of reassurance that Win Without Pitching firms use to derail pitches and secure new business without writing proposals. Every year I do a seminar on building and using PFCS. This fall I've been asked to do a guest lecture on PFCS to the California College of Art's new Design MBA program.

Getting Things Done with THINGS | 3 October 2008

Things - Productivity SoftwareProductivity guru David Allen's book Getting Things Done caused a big splash when it was published a few years ago. He instantly earned himself many converts to his way of organizing, increasing productivity and breaking through performance barrier issues such as procrastination and the stresses of a heavy workload. 

The book has spawned user groups and even software, like Things, a Mac-based task management program rooted in some of Allen's thinking...

One Firm's Anti-Pitch Manifesto | 2 October 2008

San Francisco-based design firm 300FeetOut have an Anti-Pitch declaration on their website and I'm diggin' it... Here it is.


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