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ReCourses New Business Summit

Three-Day Business Development Conference | Nashville, Jan 25-27
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October 11, 2011 at 7:15 PM by Blair

In January 2012 I'll be joining David C. Baker in hosting the ReCourses New Business Summit in Nashville for the ninth year in a row. More than 500 firms have benefited from dedicating these three days out of the office to shaping the business development function of their firm. I hope this year yours will be one of them.

The NBS is not so much a banquet of disparate ideas to pick and choose from (although you could approach it that way I suppose) as it is a taught curriculum - a start to finish evaluation and refurbishment of all aspects of the business development function in your firm. 

You'll spend the first day working on your positioning. On day two you'll build a lead generation plan, a system for nurturing early-stage opportunities and an understanding of what it takes to close late-stage opportunities without relying on pitching or lengthy proposal writing. The third day is devoted to understanding the strengths of those on your business development team (even if the team is just you) and planning your year ahead. The outcome is not just a new understanding, but a new approach to business development, complete with your plan for the year. 

Throughout the event we have guest speakers (Mark O'Brien from Newfangled joins us again), a networking reception (sponsored once again by Emma) and all kinds of other opportunities for you to interact with your fellow participants. 

You'll find more information on the ReCourses New Business Summit here.

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