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The Win Without Pitching Blog

Most of my thinking on business development for creative firms is published over in the newsletter section. I'm using this area primarily to discuss any upcoming programs or events.

Conflicts of Interest | 18 February 2008

Someone posed a question to me a few weeks ago about handling conflicts of interest and I promised to post a response here when I had more time. Well, time flies when you're busy. (sheepish grin here). 

Here now, a few points on the realities of conflict of interest issues and how to handle them...

On Project Work | 14 January 2008

One of the questions I fielded during last week's Talking Money webinar was on project work. I gave a short answer to what is a somewhat nuanced subject, and so promised to answer more fully here. 

What should the mix of project work to agency of record (AOR) -type work be in your firm? Should you be taking project work at all? Is it appropriate to pursue project work as a means to 'get your foot in the door' and then try to widen that crack to include more and more high value strategic work? 

All your questions on project work, answered here...

Universal Laws of Money | 3 December 2007

I've visited a lot of countries in the last few months, some for the first time, and it doesn't matter where I go, I can expect some form of this reaction to the Win Without Pitching approach: "This is great theory, but it won't work here because of our unique cultural differences from North Americans." 

I hear this throughout North America, too. "This won't work in the South..." or "Blair, you don't understand - we can't do this in the Midwest..." 

What is it that can't be done? It is speak frankly about money...

Visual Literacy | 19 November 2007

Periodic Table of Visualization

As a creative services firm one of your strengths should be the ability to communicate complex information and key insights visually. In any strategic engagement or in the strategic phases (diagnostic and strategic direction setting) of any engagement the ability to communicate information visually separates you from consultants and other non-creative competitors who prefer to present complex information via long reports.


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