It's never been more important to generate good-fit leads.

By the end of this bootcamp you will have built a succinct and focused 12-month lead generation plan specific to your firm and its focus. You will begin executing this concise and manageable plan to build your expert reputation and generate valuable new leads with you positioned as the expert practitioner.

We’ll also explore the right marketing technology stack for your firm and some introductory sales training guidance for managing leads follow up.

We'll cover the following modules:

  1: Your Lead Generation Assets

There is no one correct way to generate leads, no magic mix and no secret that makes it all easier. The goal is to identify the right way for you and for your firm. The key exercises in this module are about taking an inventory of your lead generation assets so that you can start to see the most obvious pieces of a lead generation plan specific to you and your firm that you will build and begin to execute.

  2: Tier I Leads

In this module, you will commit to two basic forms of lead generation plus one more commitment you must take action on immediately. You will use these to drive inbound enquiries—what we call tier I leads—those prospective clients that see you as the expert and seek you out. We will also explore the types of conversations you have with tier I leads.

  3: Tier III Leads

Tier III leads are just names on a list—leads that require some good old-fashioned outbound. In this module, we explore how to most effectively weave outbound lead generation into your complete lead generation plan. We also dive into the tools and language you use when reaching out to tier III leads.

  4: Tier II Leads

Tier II leads are those prospects who interact with your content, demonstrate interest, but who do not reach out to you. It’s your job to separate them from the tire-kickers and reach out to them proactively. In this module, we explore the technology and processes you need to start mining your site visitors and other leads to help you decide who you should be reaching out to. We also spend time understanding how to best communicate with tier II leads.

  5: Your Lead Generation Plan

In module 5 you will combine tier I, II & III lead generation approaches to arrive at and commit to a 12-month lead generation program specific to your firm.

  6: Active Lead Generation

It’s time to put your new lead generation program to work and create meaningful leads you can start closing.

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⚠️ This bootcamp is designed for firms that are well positioned or have taken our Positioning Bootcamp.

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Register now for Expert Lead Generation Bootcamp

⚠️ This bootcamp is designed for firms that are well positioned or have taken our Positioning Bootcamp.


Six modules, plus six 90-minute AMAs every Tuesday 9am PT / 12pm ET beginning April 12 and concluding May 17.


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