Critical question for marketing and creative services firms:

What's the 'fair market value' for your agency's services now?

If this question keeps you up at night, it’s time to master Pricing Creativity and lead your agency from surviving to thriving. Now, you can learn the mindset, apply the principles and practice the techniques of negotiating creatively — and capture more of the value you deliver.   Join Blair Enns for Pricing Creativity Bootcamp starting June 3, 2020, open for registration now.

Even if you struggled to profit and grow before the crisis...

There are still clients with war chests and growing revenues, ready to spend on the value you deliver.

Some are existing clients; some haven’t discovered you yet.

But what do they all have in common? They’re negotiating in a market where (almost) everything is on sale for those with cash.  

And if it was difficult before to sell your services from a place of confidence? Now, you’re selling in an all-new environment, without a roadmap.

Is it time to double-down on value-based pricing? Or assume that every buyer is focused exclusively on price?

These are questions you shouldn’t have to answer alone. And when you learn directly from Blair Enns in Pricing Creativity Bootcamp, you won’t have to.

Last month’s “fair market value” for creative services? It’s irrelevant today. But that has always been the case.

What clients are willing to pay… No. What they’re happy to pay and thank you while they’re at it has always been subjective.

Your clients will pay more for your expertise, framed expertly.

How much more?

Before you’ve finished Pricing Creativity Bootcamp, you may charge 50% more. You may double or triple your margins within a year… 

Even in this economy…

Even with fewer opportunities circulating…

You’ll profit more because you’ve learned to finally charge for the value you create.

So today even if your confidence is shaken...

And especially if your idea of the best possible outcome for 2020 is taking any project that comes your way, at any price…

Hear this. 

For your agency to survive and thrive, you must learn to uncover, quantify and creatively price the value you deliver.

Because the value you deliver hasn’t changed. What’s changed are the stakes at play when it’s time to sell that value.

“I couldn't stand by while creative professionals gave their value away for free”


Blair Enns is the founder and CEO of Win Without Pitching, the sales training and coaching program for creative professionals. 

His first book, The Win Without Pitching Manifesto, is credited with countless stories of 7-figure growth.  

Blair advises marketing and creative firms the world over on how to deprogram themselves from the standard approach to winning new business. 

His second book, Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour has guided thousands of firms to find alternative paths to new levels of profitability.

Now, Blair is taking a select group of creative firm professionals to the next step with Pricing Creativity Bootcamp.

(Only 20 spaces available in June)

double quote small
We had Blair into our office for a day of training on pricing. We can attribute almost $1,000,000 in 2018 to the 3-tier pricing method that he shared with us alone. This practice has us constantly looking for ways to add more value - clients see that and appreciate it.

Julie Cohen
Founder & CEO at Across the Pond


Pricing Like a Marketer To Negotiating Like A Pro, We Will Cover it All

In six weeks of intensive learning and practice starting Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

Everything you’ve wanted to ask…

Everything you’ve known you need to internalize if you’ve read the Pricing Creativity Book… 

Even if you’ve been to a 2-day Win Without Pitching workshop, Pricing Creativity Bootcamp is the most intensive pricing-focused training Blair has ever delivered to help you work through the principles, rules and scenario-specific strategies for selling at a higher profit.

Join Blair Enns as he leads a small group beyond a conceptual understanding of Pricing Creativity, to dramatically new pricing and profit levels

All Pricing Creativity Bootcamp Modules Drop on Day One

  • workshop right arrow Work at your own pace through 6 ALL NEW video training modules created to answer the toughest questions raised by readers of the Pricing Creativity book, plus actionable exercises for each area of mastery
  • workshop right arrow Join a weekly 90-minute Ask Blair Anything coach-led call… and truly, ask Blair anything (there’s no better way to get real-time feedback on an opportunity)
  • workshop right arrow Learn what’s working, what’s not and get insight on industry developments from your peers — 19 other Pricing Creativity Bootcamp members tasked with the urgent work of developing new business

Here's how the six-week bootcamp will roll-out


Overcoming Barriers to Increased Profit

You’ll learn why some firms transcend pricing limits and enter the highest tier of financial success. And get guidance on how to step up to the next rung in pricing and profitability by leaving behind the habits that got you to this level, but can’t take you farther.


Pricing Creativity Fundamentals… And Beyond

You’ll discover how to price the client, offer strategic options and anchor high but with an airtight justification. Plus, get real-world coaching to create a one-page proposal that derails the RFP process, wins more and bigger deals at a lower cost of sale.


Uncover the True Value… And Price Accordingly

The most critical skill you must master to consistently raise profits: navigating the value conversation with prospects. But don’t test your mastery on a live opportunity — nail this skill first with Blair’s help.


(Re)Construct Your Proposals

You’ve learned the principles of the value conversation and seen it modelled by Blair. Now use what you’ve learned to frame value in a mock proposal, bundle and price your options. Post your one-pager to get feedback and learn from each other.


Extraordinary Value Creation, Extraordinary Profit

It’s time to create a proposal for a real scenario and get feedback to hone your skills. You’ll learn advanced bundling techniques, negotiating through proposal structures and techniques for putting compensation at risk.


Take Back the Closing Conversation

Learn the Win Without Pitching closing conversation framework, so you’re never taken off-guard again. Instead, you’ll quickly and confidently close the deal — or know when to walk away. Volunteer to present your one-page proposal in the Ask Me Anything call led by Blair and get valuable feedback.

Join Blair inside the Bootcamp

When You Join Pricing Creativity Bootcamp

You'll also get...

$100 WWP Training Voucher

Get a $100 credit to apply against any of our bootcamps, coaching and training products. Or use it to buy a copy of Pricing Creativity – our core text for this bootcamp.


100 + Hours of Webcast Archives

These webinars walk you through Win Without Pitching insights, address common questions, and guide you through common challenges.

Dedicated WWP Forum and Slack Channel

Stay connected with your Bootcamp peers, ask each other questions, share your struggles and successes, so it’s easier to stay accountable to the decision you made to command higher profits.

A Library of Weekly Focus Calls

Each Weekly Focus Call is focused on a specific Win Without Pitching principle. Teachings were delivered by our coaching staff.

All coaching packages include instant access to more than 160 calls for your entire team.


(Only 20 spaces available in June!

Pricing Creativity Bootcamp
is for you


  • workshop right arrow You see market volatility as just one more challenge that you WILL rise to meet
  • workshop right arrow You’re determined to push back against the pricing pressures and maximize the profitability of your firm’s work
  • workshop right arrow You know the era of over-investing in pitches with 30-page proposals is behind you; you’ll lead sales conversations now instead, backed by a single, powerful one-page set of options
  • workshop right arrow You’re ready to do what so few creative professionals can or will: overcome the awkwardness and master the value conversation so you can claim your right rewards
  • workshop right arrow You value feedback and tactical guidance from a sales expert who will coach you on exactly what to say with prospects and clients and model how to say it

If you can say “yes” to 3 out of 5 of the above, then join Blair Enns in June 2020 for Pricing Creativity Bootcamp and master the techniques that will set your firm free

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