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"There are few true experts in the field of agency business development..."

"There are few true experts in the field of agency business development; Blair sits at the very top of that short list. He transformed my firm with his expertise. He transformed me and my staff with his teaching. And, crucially, he was a joy to work with through it all. If you're charting a new course for your agency, I can recommend Blair as your guide."

- Former Agency Principal, New York, NY


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Referrals are like value pricing – an easy theory that few are able to fully leverage, for largely the same reason: some find the conversation difficult.

"WWP’s training has fundamentally changed how we think."

WWP’s training has fundamentally changed how we think. The Win Without Pitching [program] has helped me rethink how we talk about what we do. But it wasn't just the course, it's the wealth of training material [he’s] built up that gives the teaching so much depth. It’s boosted my confidence in our expert positioning, and helped us structure our business development as a team. And that's helping us win more work that's the right fit for us - the work we do really well, and enjoy most.

- Agency Principal, London, UK

This book is a rallying cry to creative professionals worldwide to throw off the shackles of the pitch. To regain the high ground in their relationships with their clients & prospects. And summon the profit, professionalism & respect that has long eluded them.

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