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The Win Without Pitching

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Sales Training for Creative Entrepreneurs

Program Starts May 2nd, 2016


"...beautifully paced, clear and well thought out..."

"The program is beautifully paced, clear and well thought out. I pushed harder to do the work on my business because of the framework the program provides, the peer encouragement and the guidance I get from my coach. The exercises are fantastic. They really challenge me and force me to put my head down and get to work. My mind has been blown by the work I've been able to produce."


–Agency principal, Melbourne, Australia


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My goal for this article is to have you reclaim the S-word, to see it as the noble and effective endeavour that it is and to show you that by improving your basic selling skills you can dramatically lower the cost of acquiring new business and feel better about your role in helping to grow the firm.

"WWP’s training has fundamentally changed how we think."

WWP’s training has fundamentally changed how we think. The Win Without Pitching [program] has helped me rethink how we talk about what we do. But it wasn't just the course, it's the wealth of training material [he’s] built up that gives the teaching so much depth. It’s boosted my confidence in our expert positioning, and helped us structure our business development as a team. And that's helping us win more work that's the right fit for us - the work we do really well, and enjoy most.

- Agency Principal, London, UK

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May 12th - 12noon Eastern

In this webcast Blair Enns explores how the digital marketing landscape is changing and how your sales practices need to change with it.

"There are few true experts in the field of agency business development..."

"There are few true experts in the field of agency business development; Blair sits at the very top of that short list. He transformed my firm with his expertise. He transformed me and my staff with his teaching. And, crucially, he was a joy to work with through it all. If you're charting a new course for your agency, I can recommend Blair as your guide."

- Former Agency Principal, New York, NY


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