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The Win Without Pitching Program is a business development training program for creative professionals.  

It is designed to help you build deeper expertise then leverage that expertise to change the way your services are bought and sold.  

You will eliminate wasteful free pitching and extricate yourself from the endless cycle of RFP responses and wasted proposal writing.


"He will disrupt your thinking..."

"Blair will help you figure out and articulate what you know best.

He will point you down your own path to becoming a specialist and expert in your design practice. He will disrupt your thinking, and push you to apply what you know in new ways, with insights and wry humor from his experience and practice.

If you’re willing to reinvent yourself and your design practice, Blair is a worthy guide to follow."

—Design Firm Principal
   Cleveland, OH

Latest Article by Blair Enns

Today I want to tell you about how the great and rewarding journey that has been Win Without Pitching is about to reach a new level of awesome through some brand new team additions.

"Fresh, logical and reasonable..."

"His approach is fresh, logical, and reasonable and gives you the confidence to tackle business development in a way that focuses on communicating your expertise—not convincing anyone of anything.

Hire Blair, do to what he says, and your business is going to flourish."

—UX Firm Principal
San Francisco, CA

Next Live Webcast

~ Mastering Purpose ~

August 6th - 12noon Eastern (GMT-5)

Your purpose is the higher calling or mission that drives you.
To be an effective salesperson you need to tap into this purpose to allow greatness.

"We're still finding new ways to add value..."

"The results of [hiring Blair] were and continue to be outstanding.

We were able to close on two significant new business opportunities almost right out of the gate at a higher margin for our front end thinking than we have every charged before.

Additionally, we were able to use Blair’s process to close on an opportunity with a Fortune 500 company."

—Agency Principal
Merritt Island, FL

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