Latest Webcast: Mastering Focus

The Win Without Pitching Program is a business development training program for creative professionals.  

It is designed to help you build deeper expertise then leverage that expertise to change the way your services are bought and sold.  

You will eliminate wasteful free pitching and extricate yourself from the endless cycle of RFP responses and wasted proposal writing.


"WWP’s training has fundamentally changed how we think."

WWP’s training has fundamentally changed how we think. The Win Without Pitching [program] has helped me rethink how we talk about what we do. But it wasn't just the course, it's the wealth of training material [he’s] built up that gives the teaching so much depth. It’s boosted my confidence in our expert positioning, and helped us structure our business development as a team. And that's helping us win more work that's the right fit for us - the work we do really well, and enjoy most.

- Agency Principal, London, UK

Latest Article by Blair Enns

As someone who’s received so much joy from others’ conspiracy theories, I feel like I deserve the chance to float my own, at least once. So here it is. Read on, but only if you're prepared to have your world shattered.

"Extract yourself from the typical..."

"Blair's program is already where professional sales needs to go. If you want your business to avoid the trap of commoditization, you should use his services to help you extract yourself from the typical and be seen the way you would want to be seen."

- Consulting Practice Area Leader, Chicago, IL


Next Live Webcast

~ Mastering Leadership ~

September 3rd - 12noon Eastern (GMT-5)

Leadership is about challenging people to be their best and then leading by one’s own example.  In this webcast I explore such principles and their applications to the craft of selling. 


"There are few true experts in the field of agency business development..."

"There are few true experts in the field of agency business development; Blair sits at the very top of that short list. He transformed my firm with his expertise. He transformed me and my staff with his teaching. And, crucially, he was a joy to work with through it all. If you're charting a new course for your agency, I can recommend Blair as your guide."

- Former Agency Principal, New York, NY


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