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Blair Enns

Blair Enns is the founder of Win Without Pitching and a business development consultant to creative firms worldwide.
Through his consulting practice, Enns works with advertising agencies, design firms and public relations practices to help them transform from a high cost, pitch-based business development strategy to one where the firm commands the high ground in the relationship and shapes how its services are bought and sold. 
As a speaker and author, Enns endeavors to be the sand in the profession-wide pitch machine, questioning firms and clients alike on the sanity of the pitch-based approach. Beyond questioning, however, Enns offers an alternative way forward for the creative professions, delivering a new set of protocols on how to gain clients without first parting with ideas or sacrificing respect.
Prior to launching Win Without Pitching in 2001, Enns spent 12 years working in account service and business development roles for some of the world's largest advertising agencies and some of its smallest design firms.
Enns operates from the remote mountain village of Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada. He lectures and works throughout the English-speaking world.

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