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The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

by Blair Enns

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The Win Without Pitching Manifesto is Blair Enns's new book, published by RockBench Publishing in hardcover and electronic formats.

The book is a rallying cry to creative professionals worldwide to throw off the shackles of the pitch, regain the high ground in their relationships with their clients and prospects and summon the profit, professionalism and respect that has long eluded them.

A treatise on winning new business without pitching free thinking, the Manifesto maps out twelve proclamations of a Win Without Pitching firm. These are the steps to move any creative business - freelance designer or global ad agency - from order-taker to expert, and to transform the way they get and do business.

The Manifesto arrives at a time of rapid commoditization of design and advertising-based businesses. It is the field guide to fighting the internal and external forces of marginalization and to building a more lucrative and rewarding practice.

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