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Sorting Through Social Media

February 4, 2009 at 7:44 am by Blair

I read another article this morning on using Twitter for your business. Once again the benefit list ended after novelty and connectedness. I know there are other benefits and examples of people employing this great new tool to good effect, but beyond exuberance for last year's App of the Year, balanced guidance on harnessing it for commercial purposes seems to be missing.


This is a pattern I'm STILL seeing in all social media as I sift through experts in search of someone to do a WWP webcast on the subject. Like any new phenomenon, social media has a large and growing number of enthusiasts who trumpet the benefits of blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook et al and advocate everyone to get on board.


But I'm still looking for just ONE expert to explain when it does NOT make sense to use social media, or what the real costs are. Some of the obvious (to me) costs are time and signal-to-noise ratio, but I don't hear any discussion on this. I just hear how it's all good and we should do it all. I'm not looking to make an argument against social media, I'm looking for someone who can be seen to come at the subject with a CREDIBILITY by discussing, along with the benefits, who it doesn't make sense for; when not to use these tools.


I thought we were far enough along the social media adoption curve to get balanced guidance by now, but I can't seem to find any. It reminds me of 1998 when every .com stock was a buy. If you know of any rational experts please send them my way. :)


If you are writing thought leadership pieces on social media I encourage you to come at it from this opposite perspective. I suspect I'm not the only one who cannot sort the experts from the enthusiasts.

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