Two-day training workshops that help creative professionals win more business at higher prices and lower cost of sale

Is Your Creative Firm Stuck?

  • Are you struggling to win new business?
  • Do you have a hard time articulating how you are different from your competitors?
  • Do your clients’ selection processes make you feel like a lowly vendor with no power in the relationship?
  • Do you live with the expectation that every price you put forward will be seen by the client as too high?
  • Is the all-night proposal writing and last-minute deck building getting old?
  • Are you willing to rethink everything you’ve been taught about how new business should be done?


    2-Day Win Without Pitching Workshop

    OCT 7th-8th

    2-Day Win Without Pitching Workshop




    We’re committed to high quality learning environments with unique locations, great food, and stimulating social and networking opportunities. We maximize your out-of-office experience so you return inspired and recharged.



    For those comfortable drinking through the fire hose, intensive training workshops get you in, get you trained, and get you back to work closing new business—the Win Without Pitching Way—all in the same week!



    This setting allows you to connect, role play and socialize with an intimate number of your peers. You’ll learn how others have worked through and mastered some of the same challenges you face.

    Who Should Attend?

    Win Without Pitching workshops are relevant to anyone who touches any of the new business functions in the firm including:

    • principals and senior leadership
    • account-facing personnel
    • sales, marketing and business development roles

    The material is relevant to firms of all sizes—from solopreneurs to global agencies—that sell creative ideas or marketing services and advice.



    “Win Without Pitching has made us millions while freeing us to focus all of our powers on helping our clients achieve remarkable successes.”

    Mark Dimassimo, CEO, DiMassimo Goldstein


    “Our investment in Win Without Pitching delivered the tools, discipline and encouragement we needed to transform our firm from a local agency to a leader in the retail marketing space. Our clients now include global brands that would be the envy of any agency. ”

    James Cusson, President, Theory House

    “In the history of our firm there was a point where the battles quit being so hard and the wins started coming faster, bigger and easier. What changed? We found Win Without Pitching.”

    Ryan Gill, Past President, Cult Collective


    “One year after graduating from the Win Without Pitching program, revenue is up 40% and profit is up over 400% (truly). In 15 years of business, listening to Blair is the single best investment we have ever made."

    Mark Williams, CEO, Mortar


    You will learn:

    • How to navigate the sale from the first “hello” to the final payment–without pitching free ideas, without writing unnecessary proposals and without being a pawn in a client-driven selection process.
    • How to move from vendor to expert practitioner in the mind of the client.
    • How to align your fees to the client’s goals instead of your costs.
    • Ultimately, how you can win more of the right types of business at higher prices and lower cost of sale.


    We know you're coming for the training, but there's no reason we shouldn't have some fun, too, right? All our workshops are held in inspirational venues befitting those who create for a living. And every events features some valuable social time where you can get to know your fellow attendees and Win Without Pitching team members.



    Win Without Pitching workshops are delivered by the tandem team of Blair Enns and Shannyn Lee

    BEnns Headshot colour

    Blair Enns

    Blair Enns is Win Without Pitching founder and CEO and the author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto and Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour. For more than 15 years, Blair has been the protagonist in the creative professions global free pitching machine. He has guided thousands of firms on a new path to a saner and more dignified approach to growth.

    Shannyn Lee Headshot (new)

    Shannyn Lee

    Shannyn Lee is Win Without Pitching Director of Coaching and an unstoppable force of human empowerment. Trained by Blair in 2006, Shannyn has over 10 years experience in doing new business the Win Without Pitching way. Since joining in 2015, Shannyn’s empathetic and encouraging coaching skills have helped our clients translate the lofty Win Without Pitching ideals into real behavioral change with lasting results.

    “The [WWP] workshop was a revelation! I was so impressed by the team, the quality of the venue, materials and peer group, and especially by Blair.  And I found the material insightful, inspiring and exceptionally useful—immediately.”

    CEO, Texas

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