Why do some creative agencies sell with ease, charge higher fees and command more client respect?

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Reviewers have called it “equal parts manifesto, strategy guide, and practical advice… a very rare combination.”

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“If you are in the creative professions, you are going to hang on every word, love every sentence and compulsively turn every page.

If you happen to own an agency or design firm or webshop or… well you get the point… you are going to find the answers to the questions you’ve been struggling with – and you’re going to find the answers to even better questions you hadn’t yet thought to ask.

Yes: “The forces of the creative professions are aligned against the artist.”

However, with this slim, succinct Molotov Cocktail of a book, you can create your own successful revolution, one artist, and one creative firm at a time.”

Mark DiMassimo | Founder and Chief Executive Officer
DiMassimo Goldstein