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Mastery Week

Mastery Week is

5 days with Blair Enns and the entire Win Without Pitching curriculum

New to Win Without Pitching? Mastery Week is your shortest and surest path to mastery (aside from Private Training which starts at $15k per day).

And if you’ve been to a workshop, this is your chance to solidify and expand upon prior learnings, gaining the skills required to confidently and consistently apply everything in the real world.

Mastery Week is held once per year.

Why you should join even if you're new to WWP

  • You have read one or both of Blair's books and are eager to put these theories into practice
  • You are ready to trade the tyranny of hourly and materials-based billing for the profitability of value-based pricing
  • You would rather derail the RFP with a one-page proposal and get paid for your valuable strategic thinking
  • You dislike hate sales but know you need to master the mindset and strategies if you are to stay alive and thrive
  • You know that the world does not need another generalist firm and want to position your firm as an expert one
  • You want to spend an entire day on core topics such as the Value Conversation and Pricing rather than the 1-2 hours a workshop affords
  • You are excited to get into a room with a select group of your peers and talk shop with people who "get it"

Why Workshop alumni are attending Mastery Week

  • You loved the idea of price anchoring but still struggle to quantify the value of your anchor price
  • You fumbled through the Qualifying and/or Value Conversation role-playing session and really want to master it this time
  • You learned the importance of positioning, but now it's time to choose your focus, refine it, and map it to your sales process and content strategy
  • You feel like you now understand the Win Without Pitching methodology and you live it here and there, but now it's time to be consistent
  • Some post-workshop sales conversations went off script and you want the tools to navigate these scenarios with ease
  • You are still uncomfortable having the money conversation and know this is holding you back from reaching and exceeding revenue goals
  • The Workshop felt like drinking from a fire hose — you want more time and space to hone your craft at Mastery Week

We cover the entirety of Win Without Pitching through training, role playing, Q&A, and time with your peers

Day 1 — Positioning & Expertise Building

  • Choose a defendable position that separates your firm from the rest, or validate and refine a current one
  • Create a succinct and compelling claim of expertise that will attract your ideal buyer
  • Identify any gaps in your firm preventing you from owning and securing your chosen place in the market
  • Design the beginnings of a content marketing strategy that leverages your primary and secondary differentiators
  • Bridge your positioning statement and lead generation efforts by mapping out key pieces of content
double quote small
When we decided — with your help — to plant our flag as The Agency Built for Retail, we no longer had to worry about being everything to everyone. This decision clarified every agency focus — our website, prospect list, and content strategy. If you Google "retail marketing agency" you'll see us at the top.
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I loved the idea that sales can be a personal and empathetic discussion between someone who has a need and someone who's willing to help.

Day 2 — Master the Qualifying Conversation

  • Avoid over-allocating resources to early-stage or poorly qualified buyers with the WWP qualifying framework
  • Get in front of real decision makers by learning how to reliably sidestep process managers and gatekeepers
  • Inspire multiple decision-makers to rally around your firm's proposed course of action
  • Position yourself as a professional by learning how to instigate and lead the money conversation
  • Navigate the challenging qualifying scenarios you are guaranteed to run into in the real world

Day 3 — Mastering the Value Conversation

  • Learn the most important skill in all of business — mastery of the Value Conversation
  • Lower a prospective client's guard by being perceived as a facilitator and not a self-serving salesperson
  • Navigate the Value Conversation confidently — even when multiple decision-makers are involved
  • Overcome the block that prevents most people from mastering this most valuable skill
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An opportunity came up and I thought about offering a week of studio time for $7,500. Instead, I applied the Value Conversation and presented $16k, $28k, and $44k options on a one-page proposal. They bought at $44k.
chad owens
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We can attribute almost $1,000,000 in 2018 to the 3-tier pricing method that he shared with us alone. This practice has us constantly looking for ways to add more value — clients see that and appreciate it.
Julie Cohen
Across the Pond

Day 4 — One-Page Proposals & Pricing

  • Trade lengthy RFPs and free work for one-page proposals with three options and anchored pricing
  • Move clients beyond their "firm" budgets by structuring your middle tier a particular way
  • Earn extraordinary compensation by taking on additional risk when the opportunity is right
  • Create a proposal designed to reliably win over price buyers and poker players — the toughest negotiators

Day 5 — Closing & Negotiation

  • Play to your audience by learning how to spot and appeal to different buyer types
  • Leverage the clarity of your one-page proposal to negotiate at the time of your presentation
  • Close a favorable deal even if you are dealing with difficult people and decision-makers
  • Protect your firm's interests during final negotiations with procurement, legal, and other professional purchasers
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Today, we derail the RFP process with a one-page proposal and get paid for our thinking (we just finished a $55,000 diagnostic). For the first time in 21 years, I feel in control of this process.
Aaron Bramwell

Over the years, I've had so many people listen to me or read my books and think, 'Yeah, nice theory, Blair, but it's not really applicable in my part of of the world or to my type of business.

So I challenge you to join us for Mastery Week and meet some of these people who are living these principles every day. You'll see that it can be done in your firm.

Blair Enns


Join me, the Win Without Pitching team, and a select group of your peers

Mastery Week takes place at Gleacher Center

We make a point of selecting interesting venues suitable for small groups of creatives. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, you’ll have time to explore the city. 

Special room rates available

We have secured a great deal on a limited amount of rooms at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, steps away from Gleacher Center. Register and book your hotel now to grab this rate.

All Mastery Week sessions are held by

Blair Enns and Shannyn Lee

Blair Enns

Blair Enns is the Win Without Pitching founder and CEO and the author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto and Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour.

For more than 15 years, Blair has been the protagonist in the creative professions global free pitching machine. He has guided thousands of firms on a new path to a saner and more dignified approach to growth.

Shannyn Lee

Shannyn Lee is Win Without Pitching Director of Coaching and an unstoppable force of human empowerment. Trained by Blair in 2006, Shannyn has over 10 years experience in doing new business the Win Without Pitching way.

Since joining the team in 2015, Shannyn’s empathetic and encouraging coaching skills have helped our clients translate the lofty Win Without Pitching ideals into real behavioral change with lasting results.

Leading firms such as Wieden+Kennedy spend $15,000/day for private training with Blair and Shannyn. Mastery Week is 5 days and all of our best material for $6,000

Get lifetime access to a

private slack channel with the purchase of a ticket

Mastery Week is all-encompassing, but your journey will not end here. Your Mastery Week ticket includes lifetime access to a private Slack channel accessible to past attendees and the Win Without Pitching team only.

Here, you can ask questions, share your struggles and successes, and get help when you need it for years to come. 


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