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Choose from multiple curriculum paths for the firm or individual, covering:

  • Positioning
  • Lead Generation
  • WWP Sales Training
  • IP Development
  • More...



Choose from multiple formats including:

  • Coach-led peer group classroom
  • Self-Directed
  • Coach-led private classrooms
  • Customized private training


Minimum commitment of one 12-week term with discounts & finance options available for multiple terms.

Financial Commitment

Win Without Pitching is NOT an online course. While we have formats to suit many budgets, including affordable DIY options, coach-led training ranges from $5k to $15k per term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"WWP does a great job of teaching us the program materials and helping us where we need additional support. The process is very methodical, detailed and organized well. WWP provides extra resources and additional coaching when needed. I feel like I'm not in this journey alone."
"Our coach is extremely thoughtful with the feedback and encouragement -- so the support is personalized to the stage and needs of each of our businesses. Our coach meets us where we are, and is encouraging around the next step regardless of what that is...acknowledging everyone's progress. It feels nurturing and ALSO challenging, which I know can be a tough balance. So I appreciate the perceptiveness and intimacy, even though we aren't together in person."
“Expert coaches, clear curriculum, actionable exercises that build on each other, well-curated group of peers, online forum, blend of mastermind + individual coaching ... pretty much all of it! Looking forward to continuing the journey through 2017.”

[It's] boosted my confidence in our expert positioning, and helped us structure our business development as a team. And that's helping us win more work that's the right fit for us - the work we do really well, and enjoy most."