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The Win Without Pitching Training Program

The Win Without Pitching Program is ongoing sales training for owners of creative businesses and their teams - developed by founder Blair Enns. It provides creative firms with an infrastructure to build a stronger systematic business development machine that puts firms on a trajectory to generate higher-margin revenue.

Next Program Starts May 2017

The Impact

The framework of this program enables firms to make the difficult decisions and necessary investments in assets, lead generation systems, business development processes, sales skills and intellectual property to:
  • Drive a steady stream of high quality leads from the practitioner position
  • Close new business without pitching free ideas or writing lengthy proposals
  • Incur almost no (zero) cost of sale
  • Be seen by the client as an expert even before you're hired
  • Reduce, if not eliminate, your competition
  • Command the high ground in your relationships with clients and prospects
  • Win more business at higher margins by getting paid for what you know
  • Create greater value for clients and capture more of it for your firm
  • Develop focus and discipline around selling

The Structure

The learning environment we've created utilizes a combination of video tutorials, homework exercises, virtual classroom discussions and one-on-one coaching – all done from the convenience of your office or home, no travel required:
  • Video-based training modules
  • Three 12-week terms with a break between terms
  • Coach-led virtual classrooms with four to six firms
  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Online forum for peer-to-peer discussions
  • Weekly focus calls available to everyone in your firm
  • Additional exclusive events focusing on a specific topic (Optional)
  • All archived and future webcasts
  • Additional on-site days with your coach (Optional)

The Investment

Training is available in multiple formats to suit your preferred learning style and budget, with annual tuitions from $5k to $50k and monthly payment options available.

The annual tuition for the WWP program is comparable to a short training or consulting engagement. 


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We begin with positioning and expertise building. By the end, you will have a clear understanding and articulation of what you do and for whom you do it. You will have added an overarching perspective or viewpoint on your area of focus and you will translate your focus and viewpoint into content for the lead generation program you will build.


After that we focus on lead generation. Upon completion, you will have a 12-month lead generation plan that is specific to your firm.


You then move on to concentrate on building intellectual property. Here we translate your focus and perspective into codified processes of how your firm brings your focus to bear, framed through your perspective. You have become the expert.

What Comes Next...

Upon completion of the first three terms, you'll be well prepared to choose from various options on sales mindset, behavior, process and individual selling skills.

Your training options are endless...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program designed for creative firm principals or for sales and business development personnel?
Both, but we begin with asset building including evaluating the positioning and core offerings of the firm. For this reason the principal needs to be the point person initially, but others in the firm can participate as well. As we get deeper into the material it may make sense to start to include others. Just remember that one tuition means one seat in the classroom. Others in your firm can listen in however, and can participate in your one-on-one coaching calls if you'd like.
How do the classrooms work?
There are 4 - 6 firms in a classroom. These are the peers you’ll move through the program with. Classroom sessions begin with a brief recap of the module material then the floor is open for discussion. We begin with questions on the principles of the module then with the remaining time we can discuss your specific situation. Classroom sessions are scheduled for two hours but they’re done when all the questions have been answered and the conversation is done. Your coach will stay for the scheduled length of the class, as long as there are questions to be answered. We ask that you arrive on time and notify us in advance of known absences.
What technology do I need to participate?
Not much beyond the standard equipment of a computer, web browser and internet connection. We use zoom for the classrooms and coaching sessions. You download a version for free and simply login at the appointed classroom and/or coaching times. Learn more about zoom here.
More FAQs?
Click this link for more frequently asked questions.

What Past Participants Say...

“Of ALL the money that I spent on new business, no other was even close on ROI than what I spent [on Win Without Pitching]. Our close rate… was 17%. By the time I had completed the WWP training and implemented it, we were at a 70% close rate and our average project size grew from $100K to $300K. [Win Without Pitching] gives business development professionals a whole new way to look at the sales process.”


"Immensely valuable. Prepare to have your business exponentially strengthened, weaknesses mitigated and fears excised."

[It's] boosted my confidence in our expert positioning, and helped us structure our business development as a team. And that's helping us win more work that's the right fit for us - the work we do really well, and enjoy most."