Latest Webcast: Mastering Focus

Leveraging Uncertainty

“Change equals opportunity,” goes the old adage, but often opportunity is preceded by paralysis as clients get caught flat-footed by unexpected changes in legislation, technology, the economy or customer tastes. The progressive and brave clients see the opportunity in uncertainty but the first reaction of most is to freeze budgets and wait for others – their more innovative competitors – to illuminate the path forward.

How do you inspire a paralyzed prospect into pursuing the first-mover advantage in situations like this? What can you say? What can you sell them and how would you go about it?

In this webcast, I will explore the examples of firms that have capitalized by helping their clients leverage uncertainty in the marketplace.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • Who to call and what to say when things in the marketplace change
  • What services to package up for sale
  • How to use the ticking clock as a lever to move a stuck client

There’s no magic bullet in times of change and uncertainty but it helps to have a plan and at the end of this webcast, you’ll have the outline of yours.

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