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Mastering Detachment

Every sales person has something he needs from the person on the other side of the table. The need is usually personal and specific to the personality or motivational makeup of the salesperson. Too often, it gets in the way of getting the deal. The need causes the salesperson to panic, or choke, or stall on the appropriate next step because things have become too important, too personal.

There are four primary things that we are likely to get attached to – three are internal and one is external. Our attachments are specific to our personalities, our motivations, our previous and current circumstances and other variables that make the subject of attachment and detaching highly individualistic. We all have different combinations of things we get attached to that we need to learn to let go of.

In Mastering Detachment I’ll explain what it is we get attached to and I’ll offer a framework for detaching before you engage and then again once you’ve engaged. You’ll learn to create the habit of being able to take stock of your need ahead of a critical meeting or phone call and then let go of it, making it easier for you to remain calm do what needs to be done.

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