Latest Webcast: Mastering Focus

Presentation Skills (Un)Training

You shouldn’t view a new business meeting as an invitation to present. Even when it is an invitation to present. Going into presentation mode clearly communicates how over-invested you are in the sale. That in turn says everything about the market dynamics at play: you need the client more than he needs you. That speaks to the depth of your expertise, the depth of your pipeline, and how different you are (not) seen to be by both the marketplace and yourself.

You’re better off not presenting. So what do you do in this meeting when you’re not presenting, and how do you do it? Great questions. I answer them and others in Presentation Skills Untraining.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • The content you should focus on in all manner of new business meetings
  • The advance preparation you should do, and not do
  • The “unpresenting” demeanour you should adopt in the meeting
  • How to deal with a client who wants an old-school pitch

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