Latest Webcast: Mastering Focus

Ten Tricky Scenarios

In this webcast you will learn:

    In this webcast of 100% practical takeaways I take ten common objections and sales scenarios and model for you how to deal with them. Listen to me deal with these ten greatest hits

    1. “I’m sending you an RFP.”
    2. “Get me a proposal.”
    3. “Can you bring in some ideas?”
    4. “We’ll pay you [small fee] for the pitch.”
    5. “Tell us why we should hire you.”
    6. “We already have an agency.”
    7. “The CEO couldn’t make it.”
    8. “We can’t afford that.”
    9. “I can get someone else to do this for half the price.”
    10. “We don’t need to pay you to do the strategy – we’ve already done it.”

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