Two and three-day workshops for creative agencies of all sizes.

This is you, a few dozen of your peers, Blair Enns and the Win Without Pitching team locked in an inspiring learning environment for 2-3 days.

You will emerge knowing how to navigate The Four Conversations ™ in the Arc of the Sale required to win more business at higher prices and a lower cost of sale — without donating your best thinking.

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We asked workshop attendees

Why this workshop and
why now

this is what they said:
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I've read the book, now I want to learn straight from the source and practice the principles!
John Rex
Rex Executive Leadership
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I've long valued the WWP perspective on agency new business and would love to put the theory to practice.
Jesse Strawbridge
Mad Pow
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I want to gain more confidence around the value conversation. We struggle with being stuck with lower-level marketing/sales folks and not having access to decision-makers.
Guy Bauer
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It's like kick-in-the-ass inspiration. I want to get way more proactive with sales than we've been.
John Besmer
Planet Propaganda
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I don't like sales, I am not good at it, and I am very uncomfortable asking for what we are worth. I also know I will not break through to the next level without removing this roadblock.
Jen Estill
Redhead Design Studio
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Long-term clients are fading away and the agency is evolving. We need to replace with the right types of work.
Jane Pfeiffer
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Our firm has always priced projects on a time and materials basis. I'm interested in learning about alternative pricing models and how to persuade prospects to agree to them.
Sean Oakes
Backpack Interactive
watch creative firms like yours describe
their experiences and results

Join Blair and the Win Without Pitching® team

at a workshop if...

  • workshop right arrow You have read one or both of Blair's books and are eager to put these theories into practice
  • workshop right arrow You are ready to trade the tyranny of hourly and materials-based billing for the profitability of value-based pricing
  • workshop right arrow You would rather derail the RFP with a one-page proposal and get paid for your valuable strategic thinking
  • workshop right arrow You dislike hate sales but know you need to master the mindset and strategies if you are to stay alive and thrive
  • workshop right arrow You know that the world does not need another generalist firm and want to position your firm as an expert one
  • workshop right arrow You want to get your team up to speed on the Win Without Pitching methodology — quickly
  • workshop right arrow You are excited to get into a room with a select group of your peers and talk shop with people who "get it"

Over the years, I've had so many people listen to me or read my books and think, 'Yeah, nice theory, Blair, but it's not really applicable in my part of the world or to my type of business.'

So I challenge you to join us at a workshop and meet some of these people who are living these principles every day. You'll see that it can be done in your firm.

Blair Enns


See our next workshop

The 4 Conversations in the Arc of the Sale, value-based pricing, derailing the RFP process — we will cover it all.

Day 1

  • The 6 key principles that will put you in the driver's seat during the sale and keep you there
  • How to get into the mindset required to behave and get paid like the expert you are
  • The questions you need to ask to quickly and reliably qualify leads (including one question that gets to the heart of what a decision-maker wants and what they are willing to pay)
  • How to get prospects to reveal their decision-makers, timeframe, and honest budget

Day 2

  • A 3-hour deep dive into the value conversation, ensuring you emerge ready and able to get paid for the value you add
  • The one-page proposal that derails the RFP process and results in more and bigger deals at a lower cost of sale
  • How to quickly and confidently close the deal in a way that is stress-free for everyone involved
  • And when the workshop ends, we'll give you the tools to keep in touch with the Win Without Pitching team and your peers

Plus an optional day 3 focused on positioning your firm
(for principals only)

Day 3

  • Complete exercises to uncover opportunities to refine your positioning or reposition your agency
  • Take back control of the buy-sell relationship by owning the position of a rare and valuable expert firm
  • Turn your new or refined positioning into messaging that differentiates you from and elevates you above your generalist competitors
  • Then learn how to rise above the few specialized firms who do what you do for the same market

You'll leave with

actionable advice and a newfound sense of confidence

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Small agencies have to invest in R&D with high confidence of the ROI. Every WWP workshop I have attended has made me richer and my business better.
Jeff Hahn
Apron Food & Beverage Communications
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I read Pricing Creativity and cherry-picked the easiest items to use, but this workshop really gave me the roadmap for how to implement the whole system.
Guy Bauer
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Much of the content resonated and we'll work to implement almost all of it. Asking for concessions and not offering solutions too early are elements we can implement immediately without any practice.
Jen Estill
Redhead Design Studio
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I loved the idea that sales can be a personal and empathetic discussion between someone who has a need and someone who's willing to help.
Manny Fernández
Luckeyou, Inc.

And when

we followed up with workshop attendees for an update

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'The world doesn't need another generalist’ — Blair’s words inspired me to completely change my career and launch Thirst, a specialist drinks branding agency. Since then, we’ve doubled our team and our annual turnover. We are now applying the WWP philosophy to our new sister agency, Hunger catering to the food industry.”
Matt Burns
Thirst Craft
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I practiced the tips you gave on mastering the value conversation with a client on Wednesday... and BOOM it worked and we now have a lot more quality consulting work planned with them for the next few months!
Anita Wasserman
Precision Management Accounting
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I just landed our biggest project in the 17 years we've been in business. I followed the 4 conversations with a client and yesterday we had our transition meeting. It was amazingly easy to win their business at a level waaaay beyond anything I would have imagined before doing your workshop.
Mark Vaesen
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If you want to make more money and learn how to deliver huge value to your clients you should buy Blair’s book Pricing Creativity and attend this workshop immediately!
Principal, Juggernaut

Workshop Reviews

likelihood to implement
quality of content

Workshops always take place in venues suitable for creatives

We make a point of selecting interesting venues suitable for small groups of creatives.

Our workshops are held in major cities across North America, Europe, and Australia — and we always set aside time for you to enjoy your surroundings and to get to know your peers and the Win Without Pitching team.

Each workshop is delivered by

Blair Enns and Shannyn Lee

Blair Enns

Blair Enns is the Win Without Pitching founder and CEO and the author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto and Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour.

For more than 15 years, Blair has been the protagonist in the creative professions global free pitching machine. He has guided thousands of firms on a new path to a saner and more dignified approach to growth.

Shannyn Lee

Shannyn Lee is Win Without Pitching Director of Coaching and an unstoppable force of human empowerment. Trained by Blair in 2006, Shannyn has over 10 years experience in doing new business the Win Without Pitching way.

Since joining the team in 2015, Shannyn’s empathetic and encouraging coaching skills have helped our clients translate the lofty Win Without Pitching ideals into real behavioral change with lasting results.

Get lifetime access to a

private Slack channel with the purchase of a ticket

The workshop is where your journey begins.

You will get an invite to a private Slack channel accessible to past workshop attendees and the Win Without Pitching team only. Here, you can ask questions, share your struggles and successes, and get help when you need it.

Access an active and growing community of agency leaders learning to win without pitching.

Only two workshops left this year

Join us in Austin, Texas or our first European workshop in Amsterdam this fall. Tickets go on sale soon. Sign up below to get the promo code for first mover pricing when tickets go on sale.

Austin Texas, USA

SEPTEMBER 24 & 25, 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

OCTOBER 28 & 29, 2020
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Fantastic workshop and team. I've already implemented getting to clients' desired future state and the learnings. I've also connected with Shannyn for coaching. Thanks!

David Oliphant


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