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While our mission here at Win Without Pitching is to change the way creative services are bought and sold, our focus is really on the selling side of the buy-sell relationship. Cal Harrison at Beyond Referrals on the other hand, is doing yeoman’s work to transform the buying side of the equation, trying to reform the way clients go about hiring firms like yours.

Cal’s TedX talk Five Billion Reasons to Change the RFP systematically exposes the flawed logic of the RFP process, giving you the ammunition to push back on your next RFP-driven sales opportunity. I strongly suggest you take a few minutes to watch this compelling video.

If you like what Cal has to say, consider giving this video a push on your social media channels. The more exposure Cal’s work gets, the easier it becomes for Win Without Pitching firms to obtain concessions when pushing back on an arduous and often ridiculous RFP process.

Cal Harrison can be reached at Beyond Referrals where you can find other resources for you and your friends on the buying side of your client relationships.

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Blair Enns
Blair Enns is the Win Without Pitching founder and CEO and the author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto and Pricing Creativity: A guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour.
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