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Creating a Culture of Premium Pricing

Creating a Culture of Premium Pricing

I’m fond of saying that pricing is a prison cell in your mind, of your own making. You see yourself trapped within a narrow band of what you can charge. Your competitors are similarly trapped, but the band or cell they are trapped in is different from yours. Some of your competitors are charging significantly more than you, and some significantly less, yet everyone feels restricted, confined by the idea of an elastic demand that will drop with the slightest price increase.

Why We Suck at Negotiating

The more I get to know procurement professionals through my pet project that is 20% – The Marketing Procurement Podcast, the more I am struck by how bad we in the creative professions are at negotiating.

Beyond Good, Better, Best Pricing

I’ve written for years on the impact that three-option proposals can have on your closing ratio and your average selected price. Providing your clients with three or four different ways to engage you—at different price points—might be the simplest and fastest path to improving profit.

The Five Levels of Pricing Success

In this post I lay out the five levels of pricing success and ask you to do an assessment of where you are now. Then I identify the best resources to help you move up from your current level.

The Enemy Within

In this 2Bobs podcast, Blair addresses the internal struggle for margin that happens in many firms between delivery teams and business development teams due to their lack of distinction between cost and price.

Five Alternatives to Cutting Price

The subjectivity of value works both ways. Value is highly personal and subjective but it is so to all parties on both sides of the buy-sell divide. Just as two different clients considering the same offering from the same firm will assign different value to that offering, so too will two different salespeople trying to sell that offering.

The Complex Battle for Margin

The battle to increase gross profit margin isn’t that complicated. By simply charging more you generate a higher top line with no change to delivery costs, thus increasing the bottom line. Battle won, right?

Pricing Difficult-to-Quantify Forms of Value

In the Win Without Pitching Workshop you heard me say that I think the ability to navigate the value conversation is the most valuable skill in all of business.  Then we gave you the framework, a few hours of practice and we sent you on your way. Don’t worry if you haven’t mastered this important

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