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Win Without Pitching Webcasts cover a different business development topic each month.

Join Blair Enns and the occasional guest speaker live, and afterwards, get your pressing business development questions answered.


In August 2016 Win Without Pitching moved away from offering our monthly webcasts to those outside of our training programs.

If you are interested in having and/or maintaining access to our webcasts we have multiple formats to suit your budget.

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There are few true experts in the field of agency business development; Blair sits at the very top of that short list. He transformed my firm with his expertise. He transformed me and my staff with his teaching. And, crucially, he was a joy to work with through it all. If you're charting a new course for your agency, I can recommend Blair as your guide.
- Former Agency Principal, New York, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the webcasts start?

There is one webcast a month, usually the first Thursday of the month (but not always - be sure to check). Each webcast starts at 12noon EST (GMT -5) and runs for 60 minutes.

Am I able to ask questions during the webcast?

Absolutely. Questions may be submitted online via text through the webcast. Questions are answered in the last 10-15 minutes.

How do I join?
To attend a Win Without Pitching webcast you must either be registered as a participant in our training program or as an alumni member. For more information please contact

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To join live webcasts and have access to our archived webcasts - you must be registered in some level of our training program.